This Portable Body Composition Tracker Revolutionizes Fitness and Health Monitoring

A portable body composition tracker offers detailed health insights anywhere and anytime. The third-generation Fitrus Plus 3.0 retains its portability while introducing numerous upgrades, making it a versatile health companion accessible whenever and wherever needed. It measures body fat, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), heart rate, and body water all at once. This tracker aids in setting attainable fitness goals and tracking progress, which helps maintain motivation and improve health outcomes. Tracking your body’s reactions is crucial for individuals following specific fitness or diet plans. With its portability, the Fitrus Plus 3.0 easily incorporates health monitoring into daily routines, thanks to the additional features of the third generation.


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Over 15+ Types of Body Data Analysis

These data are obtained from a physical tracker combined with intelligent software. The new Fitrus Plus 3.0 features a significant improvement in battery life, extending from 4-5 days on the Fitrus Plus 2.0 to 20 days. The charging port has been upgraded from Micro 5-pin to USB Type-C. A full charge takes 3 hours. The device features a 1.3” OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. This makes it easy to read data such as body composition, skin temperature, object temperature, heart rate, stress index, and battery life.

Hold the four electrodes with your thumbs and index fingers, stretch your arms forward. Keeping your elbows straight, and avoid touching your hands together. Wait until the results appears!

The new design is as smooth and user-friendly as the software that powers it. The updated health tracking functions, including protein, mineral, and swelling indexes, make the upgrade from the previous generation worthwhile. These additions allow for a more comprehensive health analysis. Gaining insights into your body’s changes is valuable. However, further benefits can be derived, such as receiving personalized health recommendations for meal plans and workout routines. These are based on the collected and analyzed data. As our bodies change over time, whether we notice it or not, these personalized recommendations continue to adapt, enabling you to achieve your best self.

Like the temperature sensor in the Google Pixel 8, an IR sensor can be used to measure skin temperature without contact. It instantly displays the temperature on the OLED screen, eliminating the need for a smartphone. This device is especially useful for parents with young children, as it can also measure the temperature of soup or milk to prevent burns. Measuring 4.96 inches long, 0.54 inches thick, and 1.34 inches wide, and weighing just 1.41 ounces, the Fitrus Plus 3.0 champions portability. Using the Fitrus is straightforward – hold the four electrodes with your thumbs and index fingers, then extend your arms forward. Ensure your elbows are straight and your hands are not touching. Maintain a straight posture and the results will display. The device automatically turns off after taking the measurement, which adds convenience as you don’t need to turn it off manually.

The Fitrus Plus 3.0 revolutionizes personal health tracking by combining portability with a rich array of health metrics, making it an essential tool for anyone committed to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Its extended 20-day battery life, user-friendly USB Type-C charging, and clear OLED display ensure that users can access detailed insights into their body composition, heart rate, and more anytime and anywhere. With its enhanced features and the ability to provide personalized health recommendations, the Fitrus Plus 3.0 not only tracks health data but also helps users achieve their fitness goals with greater precision and motivation.

The Fitrus Plus 3.0 requires no subscriptions or additional payments. The application for iOS and Android is free, and the company has stated that they have no plans to implement a subscription fee in the future.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $249 ($100 off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $80,000.