This “Roomba For Your Bed” Cleans and Disinfects your Mattress, preventing Mites, Bacteria, and Bedbugs

I don’t publicly endorse snacking in bed, but having a robot vacuum clean up those crumbs before you sleep is an absolute game-changer…

We spend so much time cleaning our floors and tables with robots and handheld vacuums, it’s funny that we don’t give our beds and sofas the same treatment. Dust gathers on your floor, sure, but practically, it would collect on your mattress too, right? Besides, brushing away those Doritos crumbs off your bed isn’t really the most effective way of cleaning… so here’s my question. We clean our floors with some of the most cutting-edge gadgets on the market. What about our beds and sofas – places we actually spend hours laying/resting on?

Especially for people with allergies, dust mites and other particles can trigger larger problems like asthma, skin reactions, or rhinitis. So, it becomes a prerogative to keep your bed or even your fabric sofa clean and sanitized at all times. And sure, you could just bust out your vacuum cleaner every time… but let’s face it, using a robot cleaner is so much more effective and easy. Besides, your vacuum cleaner won’t sanitize those crevasses or corners, and gaps in the fabric. The X1 Robot Bed Vacuum, on the other hand, will…

Designer: Creatulize

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Much like a robot floor cleaner, the X1 smartly plans its path, ensuring every corner of your bed gets vacuumed and sanitized. All it takes is the push of a button.

According to research, an average human sheds approximately 28 grams of skin every week. Combine this with the body head released when deep in slumber, and the dust mites have the ideal conditions to thrive and grow their population to around 2 million in a single mattress. Isn’t that fact startling and scary at the same time? As a fun experiment, just go to your sofa in the afternoon sun and whack it with your hands. As expected, you’ll probably see a dust cloud emerge from them. Sure, you probably use Roombas and disinfectants to take care of the floor you walk on, but nobody gives much of a damn about the bedsheet and pillow covers you sleep on, or the sofa they sit on beyond just the occasional weekly wash. The X1 tackles those microparticles on a much deeper level, ensuring that none of the fabric surfaces you rest on become breeding grounds for bacteria, or collection zones for dust.

This advanced robot bed vacuum cleaner loaded with intelligent self-navigation technology takes up the task of cleaning without much hassle. All you’ve got to do is sit back and binge-watch as X1 banishes dust mites and allergens with the touch of a button It vibrates and vacuums simultaneously, dislodging particles that then get sucked into the cylindrical dust chamber located on top of the X1, along with a UVC lamp that sanitizes your surfaces, killing bacteria, bedbugs, and mites that may cause rashes/infections. The appliance can also be used to clean rugs/mats, couches, pillows, baby play mats, or any fabric surfaces that could trap dust/dirt/particulate matter.

What sets apart X1 from other handheld vacuum cleaners is the in-built technology. It comes with 9 proximity sensors and a smart obstacle avoidance algorithm that identifies objects measuring 5cm or more and also detects edges of the bed to avoid falling off while cleaning. The intelligent Path Planning system navigates the designated bed to create a map from precise cleaning in blind spots without scouting the same section more than once. The cleaner comes with three modes – soft, powerful, and precision for daily, weekly, or damp weather cleaning needs respectively. To get more control over uneven surfaces like pillows or bed contours you can use it in the manual mode too.

The compact device is completely hands-free as it can be controlled with voice commands. Another set of features making it a winning proposition is the triple-headed cleaning power of vibration (15,000 oscillations/minute for lifting dust particles), vacuum (15Air Watt suction power) and UV-C sanitization courtesy of the 270nm LED UV-C light that obliterates bacteria and can even kill bedbugs with a stunning 95% efficacy rate. As a failsafe, to prevent any chances of unintended human exposure to UV-C light, the robot vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced auto-sensor that turns off the X1 as soon as it is picked off the cleaning surface.

The buck doesn’t stop there, as the vacuum cleaner boasts an impressive 1-hour battery life on a single charge. Makers are also mindful of secondary pollution woes, hence they’ve fitted the device with a HEPA filtration system that separates dust and hair. The dust mites are separated from the larger particles for easy cleaning. To that end, it has an easy-twist open mechanism with a magnetic design. With these countless features and modern lifestyle-focused design, the XI robot vacuum cleaner is a winning household gadget that is worth every penny spent!

The dust chamber on top lets you see how effective the X1 is at cleaning your bed and sofa. You can then pop it out and empty the dust after a cleaning cycle.

The X1 Robot Bed Vacuum starts at an exceedingly affordable $149 and comes with a  Type-C charging cable, a cleaning brush, a user manual, and global shipping. Additional HEPA filters and brush rollers can be bought as an add-on package for just $15.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $299 ($150 off) Hurry! Only 16 left of 230.