This sleek $99 health-tracking ring marks the death of bulky fitness-tracking bracelets

You know you’re doing something right when Samsung ends up launching a product to compete with yours, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Apple plans on joining the category too. The smart ring market is seeing an undeniable rise for a bunch of reasons. Smart rings are classy, discreet, and don’t have too many components or requirements. You have ten fingers, so you can easily wear a smart ring along with your engagement ring or accessories (try wearing two watches and see people stare) and you can easily wear the ring while asleep too. Smartwatches walked so smart rings could run, and the latest runner to enter the marathon is the Kuura Ring – a sleek wearable that’s titanium on the outside, and sensors galore on the inside that tracks everything from your sleep to your stress levels and exercises. Like a fitness tracker but sleeker and frankly a little more convenient, the Kuura is yet another nail in the smartwatch coffin, affirming the fact that rings are, in fact, the future of the health wearable industry.

Designer: Kuura Ring

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Move Smarter: your walks, runs, cycles and gym sessions and measure your heart rate, and recovery rates to plan your personal fitness goals.

The Kuura Ring looks like any minimalist metal ring, blending right in without necessarily looking tech-forward. A titanium outer shell comes in 3 colors – black, silver, and gold, while the inner surface of the ring is made from hypoallergenic epoxy, which hermetically seals all the electronics inside the ring giving it complete water resistance. The insides are lined with various sensors that can track body metrics from body temperature to heart rate and even blood oxygen, giving the Kuura Ring a wide variety of stats to help interpret different stages of your health. A 17.5mAh battery powers the entire wearable, giving it a solid week’s worth of usage so you don’t need to charge your ring every day like you would most fitness trackers.

Live Smarter: Get a clear picture of your health from over 20 biometric signals, including temperature to stress levels to help you live your best life each day.

The sensors within the Kuura capture your health in a holistic manner, working around the clock to give you stats across a variety of categories. A G-sensor captures movement, a heart-rate light reads your heart rate, HRV, and stress levels, a blood oxygen light does exactly what it says it does, and an infrared light detects when the ring’s worn, switching the wearable off when you take it off. Combined, these sensors are all the Kuura needs to analyze your well-being.

The ring does everything a fitness wearable does and maybe some more. It monitors your health, ensuring your heart rate isn’t too high or too low, captures your steps to see how much you’re moving in the day, uses a variety of stats to check your stress levels, tracks your workouts (ranging from a variety of workout styles), and at the end of the day, tracks your sleep cycle. The lack of a screen on the ring means all the data is sent to Kuura’s own smartphone app (it also means better battery performance) where you can access every single metric laid out in a well-designed UI. The app is your health dashboard, letting you see your progress as well as learn all your rooms for improvement, and even set fitness goals that you can aim for.

Sleep Smarter: Wake up to analysis about your deep sleep, light sleep & REM sleep to optimize your sleep schedules and rise feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Different sections in the app provide their own detailed metrics. The sleep tracking page gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep across 4 stages – REM, restful sleep, light sleep, and wakefulness. The fitness tracker captures movement (distance and steps), duration of your workout, and even the kilocalories burned. The water-resistance allows you to even go swimming with your Kuura on. Finally, the overall health tracker looks at your heart rate, variability, body temperature, and stress levels to give you a score that helps you understand where you stand in your journey to a healthy life.

Available in 3 different colors, the Kuura Ring comes in 8 sizes that fit men and women of all ages and body types. Earlybird backers can grab the Kuura Ring for just $99, which also includes the ring’s contact-based charging cable, and the free Kuura smartphone app available on iOS and Android.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $248 (60% off). Hurry, only 62/1500 left! Raised over $190,000.