This Smart Ring Tracks Everything From Your Heartbeat To Sleep And Even Your Immune System

While Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is still months away from an official launch, its announcement is proof that the smart ring is the next frontier of the health wearable space. The problem with smartwatches like the Apple or Galaxy Watch, you see, is that they aren’t for everyone. Not all people wear watches, and for the ones who do, there’s a large subset of people who prefer analog timepieces rather than gadgets with screens and sensors. Rings, on the other hand, have a distinct advantage – they’re smaller, sleeker, lighter, and unlike watches, you can wear multiple, combining your wedding ring or any ring-based jewelry with a health-tracking wearable ring. The smart ring market is at the precipice of expansion, and months from now you’ll see hundreds of brands jumping on the bandwagon… but if you’re looking for one now, the Vera Ring is a compelling pick. Designed to be incredibly sleek, breathtakingly light, and completely waterproof, the Vera Ring does everything a health tracker can do and more. It monitors your heart rate 24/7, tracking your heart health, respiratory health, stress levels, sleep quality, and even combines multiple metrics like body temperature, heart rate variability, and stress levels to tell you how good your overall immunity is.

Designer: Vera Health

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The creators of the Vera Ring make a compelling argument – in the regular world, you’re bombarded with metrics and data everywhere. Businesses thrive on data, programs require data to run, AI systems are entirely beholden to their databases – but there’s hardly any good real-time data-measuring for your body. Unless you’re wearing a smartwatch 24/7, you have no way of being able to get a broad yet focused overview of your health. That’s where a smart ring comes in. The Vera Ring looks and feels exactly like your everyday ring, but sits on your finger and tracks your body metrics all day all week. With a battery that lasts for 7 full days on a charge, the Vera captures a weekly holistic portrait of your health, presenting all that information to you in a way that’s easy to digest. You can see if your heart’s healthy, if you’re running normal body temperature, if you’re sleeping well or sleeping enough, if you’re stressed or relaxed, and even track menstrual cycles. More so, the Vera app also recommends tweaks to your lifestyle to help you improve your health, and catches health issues before they become serious or irreversible.

The beauty of the Vera Ring lies in its design. 2.5mm thick and 7.5mm wide, the Vera is an icon of minimalism, with a metal finish on the outside, and a medical-grade resin inner that holds all the components in place. The tiny ring weighs anywhere from 5.2 grams (0.18 ounces) to 8.5 grams (0.29 ounces) depending on size, and is hermetically sealed, making it completely waterproof so you could wear it everywhere, even in the shower or the pool. The only time you really need to take it off is when it’s low on charge, and the ring comes with its own holder/charger that lets you dock it and charge it in mere minutes.

Slip the ring on and it begins tracking all your vitals, sending complex data to the Vera app where everything is simplified into easy-to-digest bits. The ring has a 6-axis accelerometer, a skin temperature sensor, and multiple PPG sensors that measure blood volume variations to detect heart rate, blood oxygen, and multiple other metrics pertaining to your health while you’re awake or asleep. Data in real-time gets sent to the Vera app, where an intuitive dashboard gives you scores based on different domains like your heart health, sleep health, stress levels, and even your overall immunity, calculated as a culmination of multiple factors. The app lets you monitor your scores over days and weeks, and does so not just for your ring, but for your entire family, allowing you to check up on your elderly parents, see if your kids are getting enough physical activity or sleep, or if you or your partner are feeling stressed. For women, the Vera also helps effectively track menstrual cycles, giving them a holistic snapshot of their body through the week and the month.

What really seals the deal is that the Vera Ring focuses on the essentials, doing the job of a health-tracking watch but without a distracting screen. You aren’t inundated with notifications, or with a constant need to keep looking at how many steps you’ve taken (I’m guilty of wanting to complete my Apple Watch activity ring every single day) – the ring silently and diligently tracks your vitals 24×7, connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to present you with information only when you access the Vera smartphone app.

The Vera Ring comes in 6 different finishes (3 matte metal and 3 ‘precious’ chrome metal finishes) and multiple sizes to fit a variety of fingers. Each ring is also accompanied by a battery stand that can charge the ring and can even hold enough power to juice your Vera Ring 30 times over. The Vera Ring starts at a discounted $249, ships globally with a 1-year warranty, and backers get a lifetime subscription to all the Vera app’s features.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off) Hurry! Only 126 units left!