This Smartphone Won’t Collect Or Sell Your Personal Data… And It Has An Encrypted VPN Too

If you thought your iPhone was protecting your privacy, I have a bridge to sell you. Sure, Apple doesn’t sell your data to third-party data brokers, advertisers, and governments… but it does still collect your data. And hey, maybe Instagram and TikTok can’t track you across apps, but they can still track you on their own app. I’m not fear-mongering, although even if I did, it probably wouldn’t work because you (and I) have made peace with the fact that we’re giving away our data for convenience. There isn’t really any alternative, to be honest, aside from probably the quintessential ‘dumb-phone‘… and renowned dumb-phone makers Punkt have realized that there needs to be a better way. To that end, meet the MC02, Punkt’s first proper 5G smartphone that’s designed with data-security and privacy-protection in mind. It sports a minimal UI that tries not to inundate/addict you, has a built-in international VPN to keep your data from reaching the wrong hands (and even access geo-blocked content), and even runs Punkt’s Apostrophy OS, which individually partitions user data, restricting them to each individual application (so not even the OS can see your entire digital footprint). Your data also gets stored on a cloud server in Switzerland, far away from governments and state actors.

Designer: Punkt

The MC02 isn’t shy about its capabilities. It promises a secure, smarter way of using a mobile device, steering clear of the prying digital eyes that seek to profit from personal information. With over 90% of smartphone apps tracking users across the internet, the MC02 offers a unique choice: a digital sanctuary where user data is stored under Swiss jurisdiction, ensuring GDPR, HIPPA, and PCI compliance, and where a suite of on-device tools—email, calendar, contacts, notes, storage, and VPN—operates free from advertising-based data infiltration.

The phone itself is a marvel of minimalist design and intentional functionality, breaking the addiction cycle with tech while still being fairly modern. It features a 6.7” full HD+ screen, 64MP back and 24MP front cameras, 6GB RAM, and a long-lasting 5,500 mAh battery. But the MC02’s real allure lies in its operating system and ecosystem. Powered by Apostrophy and designed for data sovereignty, it includes a built-in VPN for secure browsing, a suite of secure communication tools, and a Carbon & Data Ledger for monitoring the privacy risk and environmental impact of individual apps.

Punkt takes a step further in personalizing the mobile experience with the MC02’s subscription model. The first 12 months of Apostrophy Services—a suite of security and privacy tools—are included in the purchase price, with a subsequent monthly tariff that ensures users know exactly what they’re paying for: privacy, not ads.

And as for the price of reclaiming your digital autonomy? The €699 ($755 USD) MC02 comes with a clear subscription model for the OS, the first 12 months of which are included in the initial purchase, followed by a $17 monthly fee for continued access to Apostrophy’s secure ecosystem. So, if you’ve ever wished to dial back the digital noise and take control of your tech life, the MC02 might just be the tech equivalent of finding that quiet corner in a bustling café—a sanctuary where your data, your choices, and your peace of mind are all part of the service.