This Solar-powered Cargo EV Offers 80% of the Cybertruck’s Storage Space for 8% of the price

Sure, there’s no realm in which the Bako B1 should ever be compared to a pickup truck – but when it comes to storage, efficiency, and just being an all-round great cargo transportation vehicle, the numbers really begin adding up. With a €4000 price tag, the B1 models itself on an electric trike, with three wheels that make it resemble the Asian tuktuk or rickshaw. However, what’s notably different about the B1’s design is its solar panel top, which powers the vehicle’s electric drivetrain, giving you an overall operating expense of $0.50 per 60 miles (100 kilometers) and a top range of 93 miles (150 kilometers) on a full charge. That makes the Bako B1 an incredibly energy-efficient vehicle for transporting cargo, which you obviously don’t need me to tell you results in lowered logistical costs and overall prices all around!

Designer: Bako

The trike’s relatively boxy form has its own justification – designed not as a human-transporting vehicle but rather a cargo-transporting one, the relatively rectangular form factor helps store items inside more efficiently. The 2433-liter rear compartment is just slightly shy of the Cybertruck’s 2,831-liter storage space in the back (when used with the tonneau cover), making it perfect for transporting all sorts of goods in a last-mile setting.

The Bako B1 sports a 3000W electric motor on the inside, capable of hauling a 300-kilogram payload (not including the driver, obviously) at a max speed of 45 km/h. An inner LiFePO4 battery gives the B1 a max range of 93 miles or 150 kilometers, and charges in as little as 3 hours with fast-charging, or 6 hours under regular charging circumstances.

Even for a cargo delivery vehicle modeled on the format of a tuktuk or rickshaw, the Bako B1 doesn’t really cut corners on driver comfort or experience. The driver cabin is small but spacious, with the option of including a GPS, an entertainment system, and even an air conditioner. You’ve even got the option of installing a rear camera to give the driver full blind-spot visibility while parking or reversing.

The Bako B1 isn’t just eco-friendly and economical; it’s also practical. With a substantial cargo capacity exceeding 2,400 liters and the ability to carry up to 350 kilograms, the B1 is well-suited for hauling goods around busy urban environments. Bako Motors recognizes the potential of this design and is already committed to expanding its product line. Their next offering will be a four-wheeled electric vehicle specifically designed to tackle the challenges of last-mile delivery.