This standing nap pod lets you wake up refreshed

Modern life carries a ton of environmental and societal stresses, which can easily take a toll on sleep hygiene. Many humans simply don’t get enough sleep at night – so much so, that the proliferation of sleep deprivation has become a public health crisis. And that’s setting aside the potential issues that one missed night of sleep by one individual can create in just one workplace. This phenomenon isn’t specific to any single region, and is rather a part of the modern human condition that many working adults face on a global scale, which is why, for instance, businesses in Japan and Sweden are installing nap areas into their workplaces en masse.

Whether taking a midday nap is a possible solution for chronic sleep deprivation, or if it’s just a symptom of a greater problem, it’s difficult to deny how comfortable the giraffenap nap pod looks, especially with all that cushioning and padding. It comes in two very distinct themes: the cyber-futuristic “Near Future”-themed Spacia, and the far more organic, wood-laden “Japanese Style”-themed Forest, and both of them are clearly designed for use in public Japanese spaces like offices and other common areas.

Designer: giraffenap

Both giraffenap pod models are designed with four-point cushioning, providing adequate space for the user to rest their feet, knees, butt, and arms (and head) while resting upright. Its internal controls allow for the height of these cushioning points to be adjusted for comfort, and it all looks both private and space-efficient – allowing for a lot of these pods to be placed close to one another in the same space. It’s probably more expensive than the average bed, but this nap pod makes way more sense to place directly in the middle of a public area.

All giraffenap pods are designed to protect the user from (and keep the user asleep through) earthquakes, but what especially separates Spacia apart from Forest is the unique feature set between both units. Spacia is designed for total and complete privacy, and is advertised as having “high soundproofing and fireproofing performance”, while Forest is designed for maximum airflow.

Giraffenap pods are slated to begin shipping out in Japan in December 2023, though it’s unclear when or if they will ship globally after their initial wave.