This stylish hearing aid inspired by open earbuds blends ergonomics and functionality

Why do all hearing aids have to make you look old and unstylish? Why can’t they be as cool as those modern open-design earbuds? This very predicament inspired a design house to propose a hearing aid form that shifts assumptions and stereotyping. The design is backed by viable features and useful functionality that’ll make any traditional hearing aid user interested in the idea.

Meet Claro, a battery-powered, Bluetooth-connected pair of hearing aids that redefines style without compromising any aspect of functionality. Adapting the open-ear design that we’ve seen on the Bose Open Earbuds, these ergonomic hearing aids seamlessly sit on the user’s ears, sidelining the common medical gadget aesthetics for good.

Designer: Crux Product Design

The hearing aid can be connected to with upto 3 devices simultaneously – so you can connect it to your phone for taking calls, music player to listen to podcasts, or a laptop to join meetings in an instant. Those cables in arch form maximize the flexibility of use with different-shaped ears and wearing comforts. A useful feature comes in the form of inner ear biometrics that detects the Internal Carotid Artery for an unobstructed source of data.

The hearing aid is equipped with sensors to detect health and ear hygiene too. Loaded with advanced sensors for providing functions like pulse oximetry, heart rate and respiratory rate, the gadget eliminates the need for wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker. To keep all the functions working obstruction-free, Claro can be charged in the provided case. If you are a constant user of hearing aids, you can also swap the internal replaceable batteries with a pair of rechargeable batteries to stay connected for longer without any interruptions.

We hope to see this product become a reality and that possibility cannot counted out as Crux Product Design is committed to bringing new-age solutions to their users.