This Tiny Home With Its Clever Downsizing Features Can Be Likened To A Swiss Army Knife

Perched on a steep hillside plot in California is a tiny home designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects. The compact abode was built on the pre-existing foundations of a 1950s garage. The layout of the home is quite unique, and resembles a Swiss Army knife, as it maximizes features in an otherwise small and compact area. The home displays how smart downsizing ideas can be utilized to create a comfortable home for a small family.

Designer: Mork-Ulnes Architects 

Called the Crest guesthouse and located in Marin County, California, the home was commissioned by a family of three, who needed this to be their temporary home, as their main residence on the property is undergoing renovation. When the main house is ready, the Crest will function as a guesthouse. The home measures 400 square feet, and since it is located in the forest, wildfires are definitely a major concern. To deal with this issue, the exterior has been finished in a fire-resistant cement board, which is also quite easy to maintain. The architects also added a small deck to create more usable outdoor space.

You can enter the home via a large sliding door which opens the front-facing facade to the outside if the weather is pleasant. The interior of the home is quite airy and open, despite its small size. The interior is finished in plywood. The layout of the home is like a typical tiny home, except for a few differences. For example, the main bedroom isn’t a bedroom but is basically a Murphy bed installed into a wall. This creates plenty of free floor space, making the living area quite large. A sofa is placed on one side, and this includes integrated storage space, as well as some shelving above, and a wardrobe unit placed adjacent.

The kitchen is located close to the living area, and this includes a sink, oven, and an electric cooktop, as well as loads of cabinetry and shelving. The kitchen also has a dining table with a TV on the wall nearby. The dining table also has some integrated additional storage and features wheels so you can move it to the deck area for eating outside. The second bedroom is located in the loft and can be accessed via a ladder. The second bedroom contains a bed and a chair, and there is quite a bit of headspace to stand upright.