This transparent smart speaker with AI has lights that dance to tune with your music and in solitude

When looking for smart devices, I’m often on the lookout for that perfect combination of form and function. Last I found one audio device next to my line of uniformity was, when I saw the Transparent Speaker. Then, it little crossed my mind that even an established tech brand in the East would have its eyes set on the idea.

About a year from then, Xiaodu released the Tiantian Casa ARIA smart speaker with an overall appearance akin to the Transparent Speaker that had me in awe.  Xiaodu, a subsidiary of tech giant Baidu, has been pioneering the way with its remarkable AI-based smart devices. From smart speakers to innovative displays, it has mastered the art of enhancing user experiences through the power of Baidu’s cutting-edge DuerOS: and this smart speaker, in stores in China now, thrives on the same, which propels it beyond the inspiration into a serious audio device.

Designer:  Xiaodu

Let’s face it – in the world of audio devices, quality sound alone is no longer enough. The Xiaodu speaker thus boasts a sleek and stylish transparent body with a minimalistic white frame. Its design manages to seamlessly blend into the backdrop while paradoxically pushing audio right to the forefront.

Yet, what truly sets the Tiantian Casa ARIA apart is its 67 integrated light sources. These aren’t just any lights; they’re capable of syncing with a myriad of lighting effects, creating mesmerizing shadows and playing with an array of color schemes. Thanks to an intelligent AI system, this speaker can generate an array of lighting effects, both in tune with your music and in solitude. It’s the perfect addition to your living space, it will add an extra layer of atmosphere to any occasion.

Sound quality is a top priority, and the ARIA doesn’t disappoint. It features full-range speakers with an impressive 15 W of power. The intelligence doesn’t stop at the lights; this smart speaker is equipped with the Xiaodu DuerOS 7.0 system, which allows the speaker to be used to set alarms, check weather forecasts, and even browse the internet using just your voice. It’s like having your very own virtual assistant right at home.

Xiaodu Tiantian Casa ARIA smart speaker also supports LHDC high-resolution high-bitrate audio encoding and decoding technology to ensure that every note and sound is delivered with precision and clarity. Interestingly, you can find a power button, a rotary knob, and two additional buttons on the front providing flexibility in managing your device.

The speaker, while feature-rich, is designed with your space in mind. It weighs in at a reasonable 3.21kg and measures 287mm x 215mm x 104mm, making it a fitting addition to any room. For those who value functionality, the rotary button located in the lower right corner doubles as a smart time display. It’s a small yet clever touch of functionality in style.

For connectivity, the speaker is provided with high-speed transmission through Bluetooth 5.2+LHDC, and for those who prefer the classic wired connection, there’s a 3.5 mm jack at your disposal. The Xiaodu Tiantian Casa ARIA smart speaker has made its appearance on the shelves of (China’s largest online store), and it’s priced at 3199 yuan, roughly $430. While it’s an investment, it’s clear that you’re not just getting a speaker; you’re bringing a piece of art into your home!