This ultra-luxurious superyacht boasts a lower level deck with panoramic glass walls

Superyachts at their core are synonymous with supreme luxury and a lifestyle that is all about living life large. Mostly privately owned by the filthy rich, these high-end vessels are loaded with extravagant amenities, helipads, multiple decks, and lavish accommodations for the guests and crew.

While you expect all these luxuries and tons more in a superyacht, rarely does one come across a vessel that’s a notch superior to the rest. Meet The Arc, is a concept yacht designed keeping in mind the demanding comforts and keen eye for design of the wealthy individuals.

Designer: Ali Cam

The superyacht is highlighted by the organic contours that contrast with the sharp edges. It’s like a hypercar of the yacht world with regard to luxury and comfort. There are three levels on the vessel each serving its purpose for the occasion. The most eye-popping of them all is the lower deck that in part houses the individual rooms and the hue deck with transparent glass facades on both sides. This matte black section is the place to enjoy your evening meals and a drink.

The second level is an open deck area for engaging with the open seas and lounging in the warmth of the sun. The secondary sail of the vessel is pinned on the front to prevent any obstruction of the open views. The rear section has an enclosed lounging section if you like things to be muted down. Move to the top level of the superyacht and you are welcomed by the open swimming pool and relaxing area. The main sail of The Arc sits at a pivot point right in the middle of the lounging area which is a clever design inclusion for conversation starters.

The design theme of the superyacht is a flowing Sierra of black and titanium grey that brings a sense of luxury and speed into one. I love the lower level deck that gives open views of the seas while protecting one from the elements because the weather is not always bright and sunny!