This Undulating Villa With A Green Rooftop On A Japanese Island Is Currently For Sale If Any Millionares Are Looking

Nestled on the stunning Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, this impressive green villa is called the Ishigaki Earth and was designed by architect Sou Fujimoto. It’s been a year since its debut, and startup hospitality brand Not a Hotel has recently put it up for sale. The expansive retreat occupies 9900 square meters and is located along the island’s pretty southwestern coast. It has a unique circular design topped by a lush green roof which eradicates the typical concept of a front and back, instead, it allows the villa to effortlessly merge with the surrounding nature.

Designer: Sou Fujimoto

The villa’s expansive roof is marked with large openings that provide stunning views of the sky, inadvertently masking the lines between the structure and nature. Fujimoto had a specific vision for the project which involved creating a serene connection between the villa and nature. He wanted to harmonize them and make them one. The circular structure and concave design are inspired by the undulations of the rolling hills, in turn, offering the residents unobstructed views, and allowing the island’s pretty greenery to merge with the ocean panoramas.

The relaxing retreat is amped with multiple amenities such as an infinity pool that merges with the sea, spacious living and dining rooms with beautiful views, a fully equipped gym, and an underwater sauna. The pool is a beauty to look at, as the sky and water meet there, building a fusion of the horizons. It is truly the perfect place to unwind and relax! The living area of the home extends towards the outside and is equipped with full-height glazing, allowing the surrounding landscapes to be connected to the home.

The retreat accommodates four bedrooms which can comfortably house up to ten people. Each bedroom in the house has been designed to provide a calming and tranquil experience. The bedroom on the waterside offers serene views of the sea, with a bathroom that allows the residents to catch glimpses of the horizon. The rooftop garden also accommodates a pool for kids to play in, as well as a fireplace to gather around and warm up.