This utilitarian electric scooter is economical and faster way to move cargo in urban locales

As businesses are shifting focus from more polluting and space-consuming cargo vans and cars to cargo-hauling bikes for the last-mile approach, there is a huge demand for better options. Tapping on the opportunity, a Vancouver-based startup is designing what it calls the Scootility – precisely a portmanteau of scooter and utility. A reasonable and compact alternative for last-mile delivery; the cargo-hauling Scootility is for now in the prototype stage with production to begin in the next 12 months.

Given its unique design, the Scootility is not another electric bike. In fact, it draws design inspiration from a segway with a column handle for maneuvering it. By virtue, however, it is an electric scooter that allows the rider to stand up and ride while the cargo remains intact in the covered box right in front of the eyes.

Designer: Scootility

In the design then, a lockable cargo box with a standard load-bearing capacity of 140 liters is the biggest takeaway. This weatherproof box becomes even more beneficial for the delivery guy with the swappable feature. The cargo box can be taken off and replaced with a swappable option on the fly minimizing time between pickup and delivery.

The e-scooter with its compact size and narrow footprint in the traffic, can also be used for delivering medication or supplies in affected areas where access to other forms of transport may be hindered. Interestingly, Scootility has full suspension and wheels measuring 16-inches on the front and 13-inches on the back. The smaller wheel size allows more space for a cargo box on this scooter with utility as its basis over a simple mode of commutation.

For the safety of the rider, it’s installed with LED lighting and has a small turning radius, the manufacturer claims. A foldable leg rest of the Scootility can double as a glove compartment, and the long steering column and handle can fold down for easy storage. Powered by a swappable lithium battery offering a 100 km range in the standard variant, the Scootility is easier to ride (no license needed) and more economical (as opposed to cargo e-bikes on the market).

Since Scootility is only raising funding for its utility scooter at the moment, there is no definite word on the retail price. Given its benefits of minimum parking space requirement, swappable cargo box and battery, and substantial drive range, we are sure many businesses already have their eyes out for the Scootility.