This versatile tiny camping trailer for your EV fits in a standard garage or an underground car park

Every new camper trailer – mini, small, or large – breaths fresh air into the camping sector and the buzz it creates is bound to reach us sooner or later. The latest buzzing entry is the Cube 1, a micro-campervan that’s turning heads with its interesting boxy design.

Conceived by the master crafters at the German outfit Sportcaravan, this is one of the tiniest trailers out there. Of course, some serious options have been scaled down to tow behind an e-bike; the Cube 1 with a 320-odd kg body may not be as small, but it is tiny enough to fit in a standard garage or an underground car park.

Designer: Sportcaravan

The Cube 1 measuring just 10.5 feet in length and 5.4 feet high breaks from the conventional micro-caravans and sets new standards with its compact dimensions and ease of use. As Sportcarvan mentions, it does not “require a trailer license and can easily be towed by a small car or an electric vehicle.”

While compactness and comfort are the key takeaways, it’s the camper trailer’s flexibility that wins it the title of “transformer among the mini campers.” Cube 1 is like a usual tiny trailer with an 81 x 51-inch double bed until you pull out the rooftop tent and access it through a campervan-like hatch. This optional roof tent creates more space in the compact body making the trailer apt for sleeping up to four with ease.

Cube 1 thrives on a fully insulated interior that renders it suitable for winter. It makes the trailer your camping companion for all year-round memorable experiences. But such an unforgettable experience is not possible without a kitchen. The Cube 1 thus has a slide-out shelf with a cutting board worktop and portable stove for outdoor cooking at the camp.

The trailer has a host of open shelves for storage, includes airline rails and a hook for holding cups and more. The capable trailer arrives in a basic shell for a starting price of €12,900 (approximately $14,000). The Cube 1 can be customized with an addon for a more capable adventure.