This wearable device is the most scientifically effective way to treat knee pain

Designed to look like a tiny helmet for your kneecap, the Kneeflow uses a unique combination of heat, light, and massage to relieve knee pain. Heat helps boost blood flow, light stimulates the cells to repair themselves, and massaging helps ease pain. The Kneeflow works faster than pills, better than those burning sprays, and promotes healing without any chemicals or even so much as a doctor’s prescription.

Whether you’re hurting from a tough workout or injury, dealing with chronic joint pain caused by age, or just looking to keep your knee in peak shape and performance, the Kneeflow is designed to rejuvenate the joint and relieve pain by treating the issue on both a surface as well as a deep level. The combination of heat treatment and massaging airbags both work on the surface to increase blood flow and provide physiotherapy to your joint. Nineteen individual infrared lights, on the other hand, work on a much deeper level, targeting the root cause of the pain by helping damaged cells regenerate themselves. The Kneeflow’s control panel lets you choose between multiple modes depending on whether you’re looking to recover from stiffness or pain, repair any injuries or stress caused to the joint, or just relax your knees after a long day and keep your joints at the top of their game.

Designer: Kneeflow

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The Kneeflow’s design is highly intuitive, and all you really need to do is strap it over your knee like you would a knee guard. An LCD touchscreen lets you then calibrate the Kneeflow’s settings, choosing from modes as well as manually adjusting temperature or airbag pressure. The heat setting goes all the way from 113°F (45°C) for relieving soreness and stiffness, up to 131°F (55°C) for treating sharper stinging pain. Once you’ve selected your mode, the Kneeflow goes to work. The airbags pulsate, simulating the feeling of getting a soothing massage that relieves pain and relaxes you. Simultaneously, the Kneeflow also uses heat and light therapy over a period of a 15-minute cycle, after which the Kneeflow automatically shuts off. The Kneeflow’s 15-minute cycle is hyper-customizable, allowing you to increase or dial-down certain elements of the procedure depending on exactly what you need.

What sets the Kneeflow apart is the fact that it treats injuries and pains without really any invasive form of medication like pills, surgery, or even those topical sprays. It works effectively to address the root cause of the pain, and promote the body to heal itself, covering a variety of ailments from your regular joint inflammation/pain or tired & stiff knees to more serious issues like meniscus or ACL tears. The device was tested at last year’s Berlin Marathon, has the backing of medical experts and sports therapists who tout the benefits heat and light therapy, and even managed to get a testimonial from ex-NFL player Noah Dawkins who uses it after workouts or training for his current role in the Michigan panthers at the upcoming UFL. UFC fighter Herbert Burns also used the Kneeflow to nurse his ACL after an injury in 2022.

The Kneeflow starts at $249, although YD readers can snag it at a 42% discount for just $144. It’s designed to be wireless and portable, so you can carry it around the house or even with you to work or in your gym bag. A 15-minute cycle is recommended to provide daily relief and therapy, and you can charge your Kneeflow using a USB cable that comes bundled in the box. The Kneeflow ships globally with a 1 year replacement warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $144 $249 (42% off exclusively for YD readers). Hurry, only 10 left! Raised over $176,000.