Tim Cook rocks an exclusive pair of Nike Air Max 1 ’86s “made on iPad”

Nike made these exclusive ‘Made on iPad’ Air Max 1 ’86s for Tim Cook

When Apple announced, “Nike made these exclusive ‘Made on iPad’ Air Max 1 ’86s for Tim Cook to celebrate the launch of the new iPads,” calling them exclusive barely scratches the surface. The design of these Nike Air Max 1s immediately grabs your attention. They have an off-white upper that seems to be a blend of synthetic rubber and mesh. The sneaker really stands out with its multicolored Nike Swoosh wrapping around it, displaying a vibrant rainbow spectrum with a textured, paintbrush-like effect.

Designer: Nike

Speckles of color are scattered throughout the white midsole, adding a playful touch to the otherwise minimalist design. The visible air unit in the heel, a signature of the Air Max series, is showcased through a transparent window, offering a glimpse into the shoe’s cushioning technology.

The shoe’s sole sports a speckled brown finish that really pops against the lighter upper. Parked next to the shoe is the latest iPad Pro and the shiny new Apple Pencil Pro, showcasing a sketch of the design. It’s like a little window into how this cool shoe came to life. This sneaker is a piece of art—but also practical too, something Tim Cook might wear every day. For the rest of us? It’s the kind of collector’s item we daydream about scoring.

‘Made on iPad’ Air Max 1 ’86s

The tongue of this Nike Air Max 1 features a special customization. It sports a crisp white label with the iconic Nike logo in blue at the top. Below the logo, a striking red Nike Swoosh catches the eye. The unique touch is the phrase “made on iPad,” scrawled in a casual, handwritten-style font right beneath the Swoosh. This detail highlights the collaboration between Nike and Apple, connecting the sneaker to the creative capabilities of the iPad. It’s a sleek blend of technology and fashion, making this shoe truly one of a kind.

Shifting from the colorful design of the Nike Air Max 1 ’86, let’s explore another uber-rare sneaker with a nostalgic twist. These Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers were custom-made for Apple employees and distributed at a National Sales Conference in the mid-’90s. Featuring a predominantly white upper, the old-school rainbow Apple logo on both the tongue and the lateral quarter is a standout detail, adding a splash of color.

Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers

Never released to the public, this particular pair of sneakers is one of the most obscure in existence and highly coveted on the resale market. Each pair comes with an alternative set of red laces, enhancing their collectibility. The sneakers bear the style number 8106 and, comically, come with a note that sales are final and not eligible for return.

With prices reaching up to $50,000 USD, these sneakers are among the rarest Apple collectibles. They highlight Apple’s early initiatives to blend technology with lifestyle long before their tech products became global icons.

Circling back to the origin of the Nike Air Max 1, this iconic sneaker first hit the shelves in 1987. It was the first in the Nike Air Max line to feature visible Air cushioning in the midsole. Created by Tinker Hatfield and inspired by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Air Max 1 is celebrated for its innovative design that showcases its inner workings, much like Pompidou’s architecture.

Tim Cook wearing a pair of exclusive ‘Made on iPad’ Air Max 1 ’86s

This shoe has become a major favorite in sneaker culture, known for its comfort and the array of colorways it has inspired, such as the striking original red and white. Each version highlights the unique style and enduring appeal of the Air Max 1.