Top 10 Apple MagSafe Accessories To Jazz Up Your iPhone 15

The reinvention and return of MagSafe were an instant hit! There is a great sense of satisfaction, in my opinion, to have things just stick to your phone. Be it a pair of earphones (maybe that’ll be the next generation of AirPods) or have your phone just conveniently stick to a charging pad – it’s almost like magic. The reintroduction of the MagSafe led to a whole new world of accessories being unleashed. Designers and creatives were racing to create a whole range of products for the repurposed MagSafe. And we’ve been loving every bit of it! From a MagSafe power bank that cools your phone to a handcrafted MagSafe charging stand – there’s a MagSafe accessory out there for your every need. And, we’ve curated many products that we truly believe are worth buying and investing in. This army of accessories will truly amp up your Apple experience!

1. UPRO Ostand Case

Called the UPRO Ostand case, this device is the winner of the iF Design Award, and it provides your iPhone’s MagSafe with a whole bunch of cool upgrades. It can make your phone stand, hang, or stay securely in your hands as you click a selfie or mindlessly scroll through Instagram. The Ostand case may look like your mundane and average iPhone case, but it is equipped with the familiar magnetic ring which gives it a nice upgrade!

2. 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Concept

This 15W MagSafe compatible iPhone 15 charger concept can be placed in a laid-down position or an alternate orientation, allowing the phone to be set up in portrait mode for productivity. The charger’s alternate pad can be utilized to charge your earbuds or Apple Watch in a laid-down position. Although currently, the charger is in the conceptual phase, it does seem interesting enough to be executed by major accessories providers.

3. Icemag

Designed by Sharge, the Icemag is the world’s first power bank with its unique turbo-cooling feature. The power bank keeps itself and your phone cool and breezy during charging. It is equipped with an ultra-silent fan that moves at a speed of 8000 RPM, which actively cools the battery pack inside, while the power bank wirelessly charges your phone, ensuring nothing gets heated up during the charging process.

4. The MAG:3

Designed by Courant, the MAG:3 is a MagSafe wireless charging device that looks like a minimalist valet tray for your iPhone, AirPods, and other little items that you can place on it to make your side table and desk look more organized. The charging device is available in both leather and linen finishes and in several colors, so you can pick the one that perfectly suits your home and work aesthetics.

5. Shin & Han’s MagSafe Accessory

This unique MagSafe-compatible accessory is designed to help you get over digital addiction and spend less time on your phone. You can attach the accessory to the back of your smartphone. It is equipped with a real clock with a single-hour hand to keep you updated on the passing time, making sure that you don’t spend too much time on your phone. The accessory also functions as a holder for your cards and quick cash.

6. Belkin iPhone Mount

 The new Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe transforms your iPhone into a webcam for the Apple 4K TV! The versatile mount can be attached directly to your TV with a thickness of up to 40mm without wires or tools. It lets you use your iPhone’s rear camera for FaceTime or Zoom calls. You can also fold the iPhone stand in landscape or portrait mode on a table or wall through magnetic attachment.

7. 6-in-1 MagSafe Charger

This is the world’s first Apple-Certified 6-in-1 MagSafe Charger from ESR that is equipped with a GaN semiconductor, and it doesn’t just charge your small Apple devices, but it also delivers up to 100W of power to your MacBook, providing an all-in-one solution for all your modern day charging requirements. It has three dedicated slots for your iPhone, AirPods, and Watch, as well as three output ports for charging your laptop, tablet, and power bank.

8. Electric Trout Charging Docks

David Stychno’s Electric Trout charging docks are made from acrylic and are newly introduced accessories in the list of metallic and plasticky MagSafe accessories. They have a productive and sleek silhouette that is meant to redefine efficacy and convenience. It is designed for a large spectrum of users and is intended for one, two, or an entire range of Apple’s wearables and handhelds.

9. Side Note

Called the Side Note, this compact leather-bound notebook features an integrated pen and a MagSafe-compatible design that lets you snap it onto your iPhone or any magnetic surface. This little accessory provides you with an analog notepad by your side, letting you quickly and efficiently note down ideas and journal. You don’t need to reach out for a separate physical notepad, as you have a handy one attached to your phone.

10.The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank

MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Designer
MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank 10000mAh Product Design

The MAG.L MagSafe Powerbank has a 10000mAH capacity that is designed to improve the wireless charging and power bank experience for everyone. Designed by Neo Bie and Leigui Lui for Stylepiece and has four usual operation buttons: SELECT, START, A, B, and a d-pad (directional pad). The lower portion of the yellow power bank has a cover that slides to work as the stand of the power bank.