Top 10 Electric Bikes That Fuse Lethal Good Looks, Speed & An Eco-Friendly Ethos

A lethal and menacing electric bike can set any automotive lover’s heart thumping! Bikes are pretty thrilling themselves, but when you make them electric, they become a match made in heaven. They’re super-fast, powerful, and a boon to the environment. And, we’ve curated a collection of innovative electric bikes that are designed to get your blood racing, and your minds blown. These bikes incorporate a mix of killer speed, dashing good looks, and impenetrable safety standards. Each bike in this collection has something impeccable to offer – from a shape-shifting electric bike to a teardrop-shaped electric bike concept.

1. Ayra

Called Ayra, this invigorating electric bike merges the DNA of a city bike with a performance racer on steroids to operate as mean lethal legal machine. It is equipped with an aerodynamically tuned build with a robust mono-shock swingarm setup at the back, while the front section upholds the structural integrity of the electric bike, featuring a lowered stance for a more sturdy, reliable, and durable ride setup.

2. Joyce’90

Meet the Joyce’90 – an electric bike for the younger generation who don’t like anything mainstream. Designed by Tozz, a sub-culture brand in Istanbul, the bike features peculiar pop-up headlights and an integrated Bluetooth boombox. It brings to mind the image of 90s cross bikes and grand tourers. The body of the bike is as tough as a bull, and it features trending color decals, with a 150W 2.1 boombox hidden in the body of the bike to get the party smoothly started.

3. Karver Cycle Concept K1

Dubbed the Karver Cycle Concept K1, this electric bike features a secure cabin with panoramic glass panels that offer the ride 180-degree freedom of viewing. Once you step inside, you are welcomed by an ergonomic and sporty seating configuration that has been specifically tailored for speed. It features an F1 steering wheel-like configuration with a simplified interface that displays all the vital telemetry. There is also a stylish dashboard that presents the current speed, electric motor heat levels, and other important driving data.

4. The Diode

Named the Diode, this electric bike concept by Tien Hung features a neo-minimalistic design that celebrates the bright future of the electric power train. The electric bike is almost invisible, except for one singular horizontal pillar that runs through the body of the bike – from the dashboard to the taillight. A large battery modular is located underneath the pillar, while the body also features a powerful rear-wheel drivetrain and cushy seating.


Coined MOQBA, this unique and innovative conceptual design is a thrilling mix of an e-scooter and a bike, and it can even climb stairs! The MOQBA is designed to be the next-gen mobility ride, specially created for those who face difficulty in mobility. The MOQBA is not designed to be a two-wheel automotive it rides on four independent legs with wheel extensions. The extraordinary and innovative automotive is a mini mecha for the future!

6. Robert’s Electric Superbike Concept

Robert Turner’s electric superbike concept is inspired by the glitz of the ’60s café racers and the stunning grandeur of European plate armors. This superbike looks like a wild cat that is ready to catch its prey in the grasslands. It is a no-emission two-wheeler with artistic elegance and charm. It features an extended wheelbase which provides stability at high speeds, while also providing enough space for the electric battery within a respectable range.

7. eZpin

Named eZpin, this conceptual electric bike concept is created to be a retrofuturistic reinterpretation of this custom bike from Bandit9. The eZpin is similar to the teardrop-shaped 125cc rider, but it also features a few cool new traits – including an electric powertrain, an ultramodern and contemporary set of hubless wheels, as well as a retro-inspired bird equipped with riveted sheet-metal panels that instantly take up the bike’s appearance by a notch.


Yamaha upgraded their MOTOROid experimental bike to a newer and improved version amped with cool features. It is a smart electric bike equipped with artificial intelligence and a bunch of modern automotive technology which allows it to be a far cry from its competitors. It is a self-operating bike that can park itself and also recognize its approaching owner, allowing it to prepare for the next ride. These cool features are because of the bike’s Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) and facial recognition tech.

9. TRISO Electric Motorcycle

Named the TRISO Electric Motorcycle, this adaptable commuter is designed for the younger crowd – specifically those between the ages of 20-30. The electric bike is designed to give them an opportunity to showcase their love and passion for driving, while also showing consideration for the planet Earth. TRISO features three riding modes – Eco, Road, and Explore – each mode has a different shape and riding style.


This shape-shifting electric bike is named ATHENA, and it features an alluring translucent material that captures and conveys the strength of the outer contour even when looked at from a distance. It has a unique shape-shifting ability which is its star point, and it lets users raise or lower the entire saddle section. The whole module can be exchanged with another one too!