Top 10 Smallest Gear And Gadgets to Absolutely Upgrade and Elevate your Life

With time, and with innovation, humanity has the ability to shrink some amazing technologies down to size. See televisions today versus 50 years ago. Or look at storage from the decades gone by and take a look at how much bizarre storage today’s SSDs offer. The way it works is that innovation catches up with intent, allowing humans to make things better, sleeker, and more efficient. What we’ve managed to do today is take a look at 10 products that have benefitted from this fusion of innovation and intent. These ten tiny thingamajigs here (I have a thing for alliterations) aren’t just ‘small for the sake of small’… they’re highly functional too, from being the most compact and powerful espresso maker we’ve seen, to 4K VR headsets the size of swimming goggles. The only thing that isn’t tiny here is this list!

1. Smallest EDC Multitool – KeyMaster Titanium Multitool

A key unlocks a lock… the KeyMaster unlocks life. Named clearly after its tiny, key-shaped design that’s small enough to sit on your keychain, the KeyMaster is a pocket-sized powerhouse. Crafted from ultra-durable Grade 5 titanium, it effortlessly tackles tasks from opening bottles to fixing your bike. Despite its comprehensive functionality, the KeyMaster’s unique design keeps it remarkably lightweight at just 29 grams (1 ounce), ensuring it remains a lifelong companion on your keychain. Despite its ridiculously small size, the KeyMaster packs a whopping 14 tools, including a foldable knife with a removable blade. Why a removable blade, you ask? So that it’s easy to maintain, and it’s TSA friendly!

2. Smallest Espresso Maker – Wacaco Minipresso GR2

An impressive 5 centimeters (2 inches) smaller than the original Minipresso, the Wacaco Minipresso GR2 is a tinier yet mightier espresso maker that gives you strong, fresh coffee on the fly. The new design has an adjustable basket letting you load anywhere between 8 to 12 grams of coffee, with a double-walled container that holds 80ml of water. The way you use the Minipresso remains the same. A hand-powered pump lets you manually create 8 bars of pressure (the perfect amount for espresso), giving you the perfect extraction with zero electricity. The entire device is about as small as a beer can, and comes with its own cup that you can extract your espresso into. No more compromising with instant coffee while traveling – the Wacaco Minipresso GR2 lets you brew fresh coffee anywhere… no questions asked.

3. Smallest Device Charger – MELLO 20W GaN Charger

It looks like a key-fob, but can fast-charge your phone. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Well, MELLO holds the title of being the world’s tiniest/sleekest charger. Built using GaN technology, the ridiculously small charger outputs 20W of power, giving your phone enough juice to charge faster than your standard 15W charger. The MELLO sports a foldable design, with the pins tucking right into its unique framework. It comes in three plug styles, and you can choose the variant based on the type of socket you’ve got in your own country. What’s more, the MELLO comes with its own lanyard-shaped USB-C charging cable too, so this tiny little thing that can strap to your keychain transforms into a full-fledged charger for your phone or earbuds – adapter, cable, and all!

4. Smallest Bluetooth Speaker – Marshall Willen

Before you come for me, I’d like to explain myself. The idea with this collection of gadgets and gear was to balance size with functionality. A sachet of instant coffee might be smaller than the Wacaco coffee machine we described earlier, but it isn’t superior to fresh-brewed coffee. Similarly, the internet is filled with tiny Bluetooth speakers that provide a pathetic excuse for sound, but they don’t stand up to the Marshall Willen. Measuring just 4 inches tall, this palm-sized speaker has a 10W amp and a passive radiator, giving you sound you wouldn’t believe could come from something so small. 15 hours of playback, IP67 water and dust resistance, and the ability to ‘stack’ or connect multiple Willen speakers together makes this a true portable powerhouse of punchy audio.

5. Smallest Power Bank – Statik Snap-n-Charge (3000mAh)

The Snap-n-Charge from Statik is yet another example of balancing size with ability rather well. It’s a compact, pill-shaped charger that quite literally snaps onto the bottom of your phone using a novel magnetic charging port architecture, giving your phone a 3000mAh battery boost. Sure, most will say that 3000mAh isn’t great by today’s standards, but it’s enough to get you through about a weekend. Most smartphones have batteries maxing out at 4000 or 5000mAh, so the Snap-n-Charge should get you from 20% or battery-saving mode to 100% in no time. The power bank comes with its own snap-on adapter that you plug into your phone, allowing you to attach the power bank using a magnetic fixture sort of like the MagSafe seen on MacBooks back in the day. Quite impressive for a $29 power bank, am I right?

6. Smallest 4K Camera – Insta360 GO 3S

You look at the Insta360 GO 3S and your first reaction is probably “That isn’t so small”. The GO 3S looks like it’s the size of a regular action camera… but what you don’t realize at first is that the camera isn’t the entire device, it’s the small pill-shaped module that sits inside the device. Touted as the world’s smallest 4K action cam, the GO 3S weighs a paltry 35 grams and is tiny enough to fit wherever you want it. A magnetic design lets it snap onto a variety of accessories for a unique PoV, and the larger housing itself gives you the added advantage of a battery boost, along with a flip-out display that lets you see what your camera sees. The camera records in 16:9 landscape and portrait formats, as well as a 1:1 square ratio for the ‘gram. It captures in 4K, has a total recording time of 170 minutes (with the larger camera body), comes with stabilization, and is IPX8 waterproof up to 16 feet. Content creation never looked this compact.

7. Smallest 4K Projector – LG CineBeam Q

You can’t follow a 4K camera with a 1080p projector, now can you? In the spirit of going big or going home, this is the LG CineBeam Q, a portable projector that comes with its own handle that doubles as a kickstand. Debuted at CES 2024 this year, the CineBeam Q is an oddly appealing projector that takes on a Braun-esque design language and an avant-garde functional approach. Once you’ve set the projector up, using the handle to prop it at any angle, the CineBeam Q outputs a 4K projection up to 120 inches diagonally, giving you a bona fide cinema experience wherever you go. 500 ANSI lumens means a bright projection that’s good even in dimly lit settings, and a smart design lets you tap into all kinds of content without needing an extra Chromecast or what have you. At $1,299, it might be a little prohibitively priced for the mid-range consumer, but if design, functionality, and compactness are what matter to you, the LG CineBeam Q makes for a terrific pick.

8. Smallest VR Headset – Bigscreen Beyond

Speaking of prohibitive pricing, it does make sense for some products to get more expensive as they grow more compact. Take the Bigscreen Beyond VR headset – currently the world’s tiniest immersive virtual reality headset. No larger than a pair of swimming goggles, the Beyond may not look like much, but it comes with two 1-inch OLED microdisplays, each at a resolution of 5120×2560, and support for 75Hz and 90 Hz refresh rates. You’ve got 6DoF movement, giving you the most comfortable immersive VR experience in an ergonomic, tiny form factor. I say ergonomic because the Beyond’s eye-guard comes 3D printed to your own face’s measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. The entire device weighs a paltry 127 grams (4.4 ounces), and given its small size, it doesn’t work standalone – so you need to tether it to a device running VR software. The caveat here, is that the Beyond is priced at $999, which enters Quest Pro territory (that offers pass-through, hand-tracking, and runs on a standalone OS)… but like I said, if you want the smallest, most powerful VR headset money can buy, the Bigscreen Beyond is where it’s at.

9. Smallest Gaming Device – Tiny Circuits Thumby

Let’s also indulge the absurd for a second here with the Tiny Circuits Thumby. Quite literally the size of a thumbnail, the Thumby holds the title of the smallest gaming console to be publicly available to consumers. Tiny but mighty, the actually lets you play games on it, even though it’s less than an inch tall and weighs about as much as an individual AirPod. This keychain-sized console boasts a 72×40 monochrome OLED display and 2MB of storage, letting you play 5 pre-loaded games with the option to expand your library via MicroUSB. And yes, it can even run a version of Doom! The Thumby’s tiny frame belies its powerful core. A Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 processor brings games to life on the crisp 72×40 monochrome OLED display. Navigate worlds and unleash actions with the intuitive 4-way D-pad and 2 buttons. With a surprisingly large 2MB of storage, the Thumby keeps you entertained for hours on its 40mAh battery.

10. Smallest Outdoor Flashlight – MiCoin Rechargeable Flashlight

Roughly the size of an AirTag, the MiCoin is portable, powerful, and durable flashlight that’s designed to sit on your keychain and outshine your smartphone’s pithy torchlight. It comes with a titanium shell that makes it destruction-proof (you could literally run over it with your car and the MiCoin would shrug it off), and houses a 300-lumen light that has a whopping 32-meter range. For comparison, the smartphone flashlight outputs not more than 10 lumens. This means the MiCoin is vastly better at illuminating the world around you than your phone is, making it exceptionally handy in the outdoors, or even indoors. It attaches to your keychain, comes with a USB-C port for charging, has tritium slots that let you find the flashlight in the dark, and boasts a single button that lets you cycle through the MiCoin’s 5 lighting modes – 4 brightness levels, and 1 strobe mode for emergencies. Quite impressive for something that’s literally the size of a coin, no?

(Bonus) Smallest/Slimmest Mechanical Keyboard – lofree EDGE

I’d be remiss if I left the lofree EDGE out of this curation. Sure, it isn’t the smallest keyboard out there, but the lofree EDGE holds the distinction of being the thinnest mechanical keyboard ever made. Weighing just a pound and measuring a mere 5.4mm at its thinnest point, the EDGE still manages to retain its mechanical keyboard status thanks to a completely re-engineered internal AND external structure. The outside uses a magnesium frame and a carbon-fiber upper plate, along with redesigned keycaps that are slick but still boast ergonomics. On the inside, redefined Kailh mechanical switches provide the oomph of a mechanical keyboard in the form factor of something that looks as sleek as a laptop keyboard. It might seem trivial to the eye, but the amount of engineering gone into building the EDGE feels dizzying. Think about it, a mechanical keyboard that weighs less than half of its competition, and measures about as much as two smartphones at its thickest point… and just more than the new M4 iPad Pro at its thinnest.