Travel-friendly clothes steamer that’s ultra-portable and solves the purpose like a pro

Travel-friendly clothes steamer that’s ultra-portable and solves the purpose like a pro

Ironing and steaming clothes is one task I procrastinate more often than not. This is even irksome when I’m traveling and my clothes are less than ideal to wear even though they’ve been ironed to perfection when loaded in the suitcase.

This calls for a portable ironing steamer that is not a hassle to carry along during traveling and does the task without much effort. Just like the G2 and G3 by Nesugar, their latest G5 clothes steamer packs the reliable functions of the predecessors while adding new functions that are highly useful.

Designer: Zhinan Huang

It doesn’t require any water addition for a week or so without compromising on the daily ironing needs. This is attributed to the larger panels and three-layer heating bodies for a more efficient vaporization efficiency and greater steam volume. For the most crisp and safe ironing experience, the new model comes with a feature to prevent high-temperature water splashes. The head rotation is meant to replicate the flat and hanging ironing needs, thereby being useful for every kind of situation.

The portable clothes steamer is well-suited for people like me who refrain from ironing clothes at times. That’s because the Nesugar Steamer G5 steamer boasts an ironing method of the ergonomic clothes brush, with the center of gravity set on the handle. This saves effort when used to effectively prevent hand fatigue. If you want the steamer can be placed on the table more stably than most other products which is an added bonus.

According to the designer, “Nesugar Steamer G5 has a simple shape combined with fashionable colors and surface treatment, making it more durable, stable, and more in line with the preferences of young consumers.”