True full-color night vision goggles turns night into day with AI

There are 24 hours in a day, but almost half of those remains shrouded in mystery and, in some cases, fear. The darkness of the night makes us feel a little less secure because we can barely see anything, especially in areas away from bright city night lights. It’s an almost literally different world that’s just begging to be explored and enjoyed, provided we can see safely and adequately. Night vision cameras and equipment do shed some light on the subject, but they paint the world in dull shades of gray that make it impossible to actually enjoy the experience. That’s where the AKASO Seemor Night Vision Goggles come in, revealing the beauty and wonders of the night as if it were daytime, with some help from AI.

Designer: AKASO

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You need light to see things, and that’s true for both our eyes as well as the cameras that turn light information into the beautiful images and videos we enjoy. Of course, there isn’t much light at night, so cameras need to either add more lights or use a different kind of light. This is why most night vision cameras, including security cameras, only see the world in shades of black and white, because the light that they get is only enough to see the forms but doesn’t have sufficient color information.

Ultra-low Light Full-color Night Vision

Fortunately, we have come to a point where what can’t be fully accomplished in hardware can be enhanced by software, particularly with artificial intelligence. The AKASO Seemor Night Vision Goggles is, in fact, the first of its kind to harness the power of AI for this very purpose. Labeled as “AI-ISP,” the technology integrates advanced AI algorithms with the binoculars’ Image Signal Processing (ISP) to enhance image and video quality. The result is a breathtaking view of the night in true full color, with rich hues and 99% color reproduction that blows any night vision camera out of the water. It accomplishes this without requiring more lights that would have disturbed the serenity of the night world and chased nocturnal creatures away.

Of course, AI can only use what it’s given, and the AKASO Seemor, fortunately, has solid foundations, starting with a large 1/1.79″ CMOS sensor that can “see” even with weak light. The more light it can gather, the more data the AI-ISP has to work with in order to create that magical experience of seeing the night in color. The visual range of the Seemor goggles is also mind-blowing, allowing you to spot human or animal movement 1,640 ft (500m) away or identify the outline of buildings that are 3,280 ft (1km) in the distance. All these stunning scenes can be recorded in high-resolution 4K, both for photos and videos, ensuring that those enchanting nighttime memories will be preserved in as high a quality as you saw them with your eyes.

The AKASO Seemor Night Vision Goggles isn’t just powerful, it is also simple and convenient to use. Built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi lets you connect to your smartphone both for remote monitoring of what the goggles see as well as fast transfer of photos and videos. Two 3,200 mAh batteries give you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted enjoyment, and two 1/4 nut ports at the top and bottom of the Seemor let you easily mount the device on tripods or even helmets. Whether you’re trying to observe the mysterious creatures of the night, chasing down urban legends, or simply trying to discover beauty in the darkness, the AI-powered AKASO Seemor True Full-Color Night Vision Goggles opens your eyes to a whole new world you could never see before.

Click Here to Buy Now: $189 $302 ($113 off). Hurry, less than 72-hours to go! Raised over $655,000.