Tufport’s ultra-utilitarian Overlanding camper fits full and mid-sized 4x4s with ease

Tufport has just entered the trending overlanding market with a stunning iteration that looks robust enough for the beaten paths and adverse weather conditions. This rugged off-road-ready mobile home dubbed The Sea to Sky model, is tailored for adventurers who like things minimal, yet full-proof for extended trips.

As soon as you step inside, everything is ultra-utilitarian and modular to make maximum use of space. The Canada-based manufacturer has a strong product when we stack it against the likes of TruckHouse, Scout Campers, or the Hilux conversion by Direct Cars. For Overlanding pick-up owners, all these options and this new one by Tufport are the best recommended all-in-one solutions when we talk of slide-in truck bed campers.

Designer: Tufport

This first-ever model in the Overlander truck camper series is crafted out of a lightweight one-piece composite fiberglass construction to put minimum stress on your pick-up or 4×4’s engine. Going by Tufport’s industrial strength standards, the rig is designed to be ultra-watertight. It fits easily with most full-size and mid-size trucks with a 6.5’ box, so compatibility should not be an issue. Interior space and headroom are nothing to worry about as it has a height of 65” and an interior width of 72”, good enough for tall individuals as well.

Coming onto the utilitarian aspect, there are plenty of storage cabinets, a couch that transforms into a twin bed, over cab sleeping area, and a galley kitchen with a counter and vertical pantry section. There’s nothing on the inside (accessible via the rear door) that you’ll find out of place or unnecessary in the Sea to Sky camper. The windows on the camper are tinted and screened to let in natural light for a more airy feel. Along with this, the roof vent keeps the interiors well-ventilated.

To give the owners more freedom for customization as per their liking, Tufport will be offering the hard shell as a blank canvas. If someone desires to have a four-season ready rig at the time of delivery, they can choose the optional OEM add-ons, including sinks, induction cooktops, heaters, or refrigerators. Along with this serious off-roaders can also get the camper fitted with a roof rack (to mount, gear, kayaks, or skis), solar panel array for off-grid living, and extendable awning to have complete freedom.

The Sea to Sky Overlander will officially release the rig as Overland Expo Mountain West, and hopefully, the pricing will also be revealed. Just for reference, the Adventure slide-in shell model comes at a price tag of $9,495, so the Overlander camper one should be priced more than this version given its well-outfitted interiors and extra features. Interested adventure lovers can take the initial leap with a $1,000 deposit to secure the waitlist spot.