Tumbler-shaped portable projector concept promises entertainment freedom

Projectors are becoming a popular alternative to extra large screens like TVs, mostly at home but sometimes even outdoors. Product design trends have started to move away from bulky boxes to more compact forms, but most of them are still restricted by a few design considerations. Even projectors that are supposedly designed for portability often come with clunky and sometimes unattractive stands, or worse, require setting up on tripods just to get the perfect angle. This concept design tries to solve that problem in a rather creative way, offering a highly compact and portable projector that can be propped up and angled conveniently, all without using a tripod or even a stand.

Designer: Hana Belassi

Thanks to progress in technology and manufacturing, it’s now possible to cram much of the electronics that powered large, hulking projectors into something the size of a small box or even a cylinder. But despite the smaller designs, or probably because of their more cramped designs, these portable projectors often rely on an external mechanism like a tripod or stand to prop them up at the desired angle. Not only does this ruin the aesthetics of the otherwise beautiful product, it also makes it cumbersome to bring the projector along wherever you go.

The Slim.VU concept tries to offer the ultimate on-the-go entertainment experience by encapsulating all the needed parts and design in a single, compact, and portable package. A projector with a built-in battery is not exactly new, but one that comes with 4G connectivity is still unheard of. That enables the projector to function not only without an external power source but even without a Wi-Fi connection, allowing it to access streaming sources without having to use up your phone’s cellular data.


The more interesting aspect of the projector’s design, however, is the built-in stand that looks nothing like a stand. The removable “cap” of this tumbler-like projector functions as this stand, holding the projector in its place magnetically. The curved shape of this stand lets you rotate the cylindrical projector and angle it properly. This way, you don’t need any other accessory to enjoy a video anytime you want, anywhere you go.

The Slim.VU projector concept contains everything you need, freeing you from concerns about power, connectivity, and stability. Of course, actually implementing such a projector is a different matter entirely, and it might need to make a few compromises in exchange for its compact form. Audio and video quality might actually take a hit just to cram this much technology inside a canister shape, making the portable projector less ideal for outdoor use, or even indoor when there’s too much ambient light.