UGREEN debuts whopping 160W GaN charger that can fast-charge 4 devices including your MacBook

Announced just ahead of CES, UGREEN bringing sheer power to its charging brick lineup with the Nexode Pro series. Touting a power capacity of anywhere between 65W to a whopping 160W, these chargers leverage the latest GaN semiconductor technology to ensure a compact design, incredible thermal management, and the ability to charge multiple devices concurrently at their highest possible PD (power delivery) requirements. The Nexode Pro 160W, which immediately caught our eye, is smaller than your average MacBook charging brick, but has 4 outputs for charging multiple devices, with the ability to route up to 140W of power to a single USB-C port. It’s quite literally one plug to rule them all…

Designer: UGREEN

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The Nexode Pro 160W is perfect for your workplace or even for travel. It touts the ability to fast-charge your laptop, tablet, phone, and any other gear from your TWS earbuds to a gaming console, simultaneously. At the heart of the charger lies UGREEN’s ‘GaNInfinity’ technology, which expertly manages energy requirements of multiple devices with a whopping 95% conversion rate – which means 95% of the energy from the outlet makes its way to your devices, with only 5% being lost to heat… a feat that most silicon-based semiconductors can’t compete with. The result is a deceptively tiny charging brick, unlike the massive clunky ones seen with laptops and smartphone fast-chargers.

To put numbers into actual words, UGREEN boasts of being able to charge a MacBook from 0% to 50% in just 27 minutes (or 87% with just an hour of charging). When paired with a 140W MagSafe cable, the charger outputs 140W to a single device, letting you fast-charge your laptop at blitzing speeds. Once you plug multiple devices in, the charger manages power delivery to them intuitively, splitting its overall 160W output between its multiple ports. The uppermost USB-C port has the highest output of 140W (when used alone), while the ports below are 100W, 30W, and a USB-A that outputs 22W respectively.

The Nexode Pro 160W is 21% smaller than than other charging bricks of similar power capacity.

All that power means a whole lot of responsibility too, which UGREEN takes in the form of multiple checks and balances to ensure device safety. Its 11-stage safety protocol involves smart thermal management, along with a fire-resistant enclosure, and multiple layers of projection from overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, surges, short circuits, etc. The Nexode Pro 160W weighs a paltry 310 grams (10.9 ounces), and is compatible with the power requirements of over 1000 devices, from laptops to phones, tablets, wearables, drones, cameras, and consoles. It starts at $119 on Amazon, but as a launch offer, you can grab a 15% discount by claiming a coupon during checkout.

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