Unique Tiny Home Provides All The Amenities & Luxuries You Would Find In A Full-Sized Home

Designed by MitchCraft Tiny Homes, Casey’s 32′ x 10′ Tiny Home is equipped with all the luxurious features you would expect from a full-sized home. The interior is filled to the brim with storage, and it also showcases a light-filled and flexible living space, with excellent elements like underfloor heating, a netted loft space, a dishwasher, and a large bedroom with loads of headroom to stand straight.

Designer: MitchCraft Tiny Homes

Casey’s 32′ x 10′ Tiny Home is founded on a triple-axle gooseneck trailer, and it features an extra-wide frame. It has a spacious and house-like layout inside, hence it will need a permit to tow on the road. The interior of the home measures 390 square feet, and as you enter the home, you are welcomed by a large kitchen in the center of the house. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, sink, electric stovetop, a dining table for two, and loads of storage space. It also includes a large cat tree, a cat flap, and an exterior door providing access for the owner’s pets.

The living room is located close to the kitchen, and it includes a sofa, and storage unit with a TV, that can be stowed away when not in use. The home is equipped with ladder-style steps that can be integrated into the wall to provide access to the netted loft area, which increases the living space, without cutting off the natural light streaming in from the skylight above.

On the other end of the kitchen is the bathroom equipped with underfloor heating to keep your toes warm as you step out of the shower. There is also a sink, and a flushing toilet, as well as some storage space. A storage-integrated staircase leads you to the master bedroom nestled in the gooseneck part of the trailer. This space has loads of headroom allowing visitors to stand upright, which isn’t always seen in tiny homes. It also includes a double bed and more storage space, as well as a separate washing machine and dryer. The second loft area is utilized for storage.