Van Jorn lets you build your dream camper van one module at a time

Are you an eccentric traveler, yearning for a unique way to explore the world in a capable camper van tailored to your needs? Look no further than Van Jorn, the Dutch company that’s revolutionizing the world of camper vans. With Van Jorn, you can embark on your adventures in a quirky and customizable home on wheels that’s inspired by the beauty of nature and your dream habitat.

Van Jorn is all about putting you in the driver’s seat, literally and figuratively. When you step into one of their campers, you’ll find a stunning interior that you can customize to your heart’s content. The design is influenced by the selection of modules from the company, ensuring that your camper feels like a true home away from home, you have built piece by piece to your heart’s content.

Designer: Van Jorn

Van Jorn lets you build your dream camper van one module at a time

Van Jorn offers a plug-and-play ecosystem that combines interior modules you can put together using the company’s configurator on the website. This allows you to drag and drop modules, change colors, and instantly see the costs of the van. At Van Jorn, the power of designing your camper van is in your hands so no two interiors are the same, each interior is made to user requirements without having to reinvent the wheel to create a unique camper van.

With Van Jorn then you can say goodbye to the typical, uninspiring white or gray laminate interiors and have this lively interior built to your personal liking. Each build starts with a camper van base, priced at approximately $12,000). This base package includes flooring, wall paneling, insulation, and 12/220-V li-ion electrical package, and eight tie-down rails, which serve as the foundation for your camper’s transformation. These rails can be installed on the walls and ceiling, allowing you to easily install, rearrange, and remove Van Jorn’s modules.

The interior can be configured to choose with modules (each priced separately) like a kitchen island with sink and water storage, dual burner gas stove, and small fridge cabinet. The seating area is configurable with a single bench seat, a foldaway dining table, and two seats with seat belts in the driving section. Various overhead and floor-mounted cupboards suffice storage, while a pop-up sleeper roof module is an enticing choice for stargazers.

You can fit in a bed on one side and a cleverly designed wet bathroom that is complete with a full setup for shower and toilet use. Since Van Jorn’s idea is all about convenience without compromising on style, you have the option to add modules for outdoor shower, slide-out portable toilet, awning, and bike mounts etc. Thus, with all configurations and possibilities, Van Jorn’s camper vans are meant for agile, comfortable, and long journeys. Whether you’re navigating the bustling city streets or seeking tranquility in nature, these campers with easy-to-assemble modules are the ideal companions.