Vast travel trailer is exceptionally versatile camping solution with transforming amenities

Clean, spacious design with amenities to suffice your day’s outing, or even extended stays, has to be the standpoint of a travel trailer. Of course, each one we come across, from day to day, has the bases covered, but then some surpass the obvious and leave you in awe: a desire propagates and you keep looking on. The Vast travel trailer is an embodiment of this kind, with its striking green exterior and an interior you don’t want to get out of.

Designed and developed by SylvanSport, the Vast travel trailer is meant for those who like more from the basics. At first gawk, the trailer is not more than a metallic green block for the eyes to behold, but when you take it out for a spin, this guy can transform into an interesting camper of choices to add and transform.

Designer: SylvanSport

And when we say that, we mean it for the umpteen facilities it packs within, which includes a ceiling retractable bed, converting sofa, and a very interesting slide-out kitchen. This may just intrigue a few, but the trailer becomes a wonder for all enthusiasts’ interest at a campsite where the awning effortlessly stretches out and the rooftop solar panels do their bit of storing energy for the night.

Within the Vast travel trailer, there are two actual queen-size beds. One hides in the ceiling until you need at: It slides down on its motorized lift system on call. Right underneath is the living area featuring an L-shaped sofa with a folding table. When you are out camping with a couple of friends, the sofa backrests can slide down flat to give you an additional bed.

The fascinating part of the living space is the modularity it exhibits in that, you can shift the seating front and back on its tracks to create a garage space in the rear for your bike. The access is through the tailgate and interestingly, despite this readjustment, the living space remains functional.

Coming to the culinary requirements: the kitchen is designed to slide out of the body into a full-fledged option on the road. It comes equipped with a wooden prep area, a 2 burner gas stove, foldable sink, drawers for storage, microwave oven and a portable fridge. While on the outside, there are a few more fascinations for the gear junkies. You have, on the driver’s side, mounts for kayaks and other items, and a 510-liter storage section, which hides behind it the batteries, propane tank and a spare tire. With all the features mentioned, SylvanSport has priced the Vast travel trailer at $49,995.

Vast travel trailer is exceptionally versatile camping solution with transforming amenities