VW-inspired 10-ft towable camper pop-up roof increases standing headroom to 6 feet 4 inches

There are many hugely popular campervan base models around the world, but one that essentially overshadows them all, and has camping enthusiasts styling their own creations around it, is the Volkswagen van. VW-inspired campers have their takers in plenty thereof Type 2 founders, Hearth Gardella and Ryan Schassen, have created a VW-themed pop-up camping trailer from aircraft steel construction in a compact form factor that is faster to build.

The RV builders based in Woodburn, Oregon, Type 2, is hoping to create a sizable inroad in the expensive and heavier tow-campers with their T2.3 which thrives on its “lightweight, affordable, and timeless design.” Currently available for preorder for a non-refundable $1,000 deposit, T2.3 comes in three different variants with one classic pop-up roof that enhances the internal standing headroom to 6 feet 4 inches.

Designer: Type 2

Modeled after the 1940s Volkswagen bus, the T2.3’s design replaces fiberglass construction with aero-grade steel panels. This keeps the camper lightweight and adds to its durability. With the use of steel panels, the camper with its pop-up roof is faster to manufacture and fairly easy to tow behind a small electric vehicle.

Measuring 9 feet 6 inches long and 5 feet wide, the camper weighs under 980 lbs in all three options (detailed below). Outfitted with three windows on each side, and a single door toward the back half, the camper has a liftgate hatch. For more space inside comprising a convertible U-shaped sofa, an expandable kitchen counter, and a rear window seat (in the entry-level Sleeper model), the T2.3’s entire roof rises above.

Adding an outdoor shower system and 1-gallon electric hot water heater to the Sleeper and we have the T2.3 Sleeper Plus. The most exciting option is the Kitchenette model. The rear window seat here is removed to accommodate a full L-shaped kitchen complete with a dining table, induction cooktop, and stainless-steel sink. Of course, the change in features makes for a change in the pricing structure as well. The Sleeper model starts at $29,950, the Sleeper Plus scales the figure to $35,000, while the one with a kitchenette will set you back $39,000.