World’s Cleanest Electric Snowmobile launched this week in collaboration with Pininfarina

Traversing snowy terrains is now going to be even more fun and environmentally friendly with the Vidde Mobility electric snowmobile. Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina the vehicle makes minimal noise without compromising on the power delivery of a conventional gas-powered snowmobile.

According to Vidde founded by Christian Lystrup, the terrain vehicles around the globe create 30 megatons of CO2 every year. Out of which over “two-thirds of the total emissions produced by the entire country of Sweden.” The Vidde Alfa is deemed to solve this with an initial footprint of less than 100g co2/ km compared to the 550g co2/km of any gas-powered snowmobile. The vehicle is slated for a late 2024 release for a price tag with a wider production horizon planned for 2025. It was launched on February 18, 2024, at IceHotel in Swedish Lapland.

Designer: Vidde Mobility and Pininfarina

Standing out from the rest as a trailblazer of the snowmobile industry, this snowmobile is groundbreaking when it comes to eco-friendly performance. The electric snowmobile comes loaded with a battery heating system for operation at a low temperature of -39 degrees Celsius. For the looks, Pininfarina influence is apparent with a distinctive bold orange and white-hued theme on the sleek body shell placed on the runner and treads finished in industrial black.

The collaborative effort is focused on identifying a solution that elevates the pleasure of driving and making sure it is functional and attractive keeping in mind the longevity of use. This electric snowmobile will be tested at the vast expanse of Swedish Lapland by the Icehotel for the remainder of the season to get real-time data in real conditions. According to Christian, the first batch of units are signed up and there are some limited slots left to pre-book the Vidde snowmobile.

According to Annika Fredriksson CEO of Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, “During the winter a lot of people use snowmobiles for both personal and professional purposes. If we can turn all these snowmobiles into electrified versions it would have a hugely positive effect on nature and wildlife, both for the reduced CO2 emissions and sound disturbance. This fills us with hope and will play a part in reaching our sustainability goals for 2030.”