World’s first Cybertruck patrol vehicle is a cool RoboCop Taurus successor in the making

Taurus, the crime-fighting machine (a modified 1986 LX sedan) from the RoboCop movie was way ahead of its time. Not now though as a new-age RoboCop would demand something like a custom Tesla Cybertruck to take on the bad blood in the city.

This narrative holds merit for the world’s first Tesla Cybertruck police vehicle which will soon hit the streets. If the stainless steel exoskeleton MUV hasn’t already caught your eye, you’ll need to pull over if sirens beam in your rear-view mirror and the Tesla vehicle is right on your tail. Cybertruck is already famed for its futuristic looks, akin to a RoboCop first responder machine, and the robotic persona would catch eyeballs for sure.

Designer: UP.FIT

This patrol Cybertruck in a fitting skin is the work of UP.FIT which is a subsidiary of Unplugged Performance who have a host of modified Tesla EV versions to brag about. The good news is that the off-roading vehicle is all set to hit the streets later this year as the brand expects loads of orders coming in from the US and other countries that don’t compromise on city security in any way. Inside out the police cruiser vehicle will be fitted with a host of accessories and draped in colorways that beef up its intimidation quotient by quite a stretch. It’ll have sirens, an array of lights, fender-mounted spotlights, a PA system, computer systems, and an upgraded radio. Optional additions for the patrol Cybertruck riding on the 18-inch forged wheels come in the form of a front push bar, Starlink connectivity, and high-performance brakes and tires.

Of course, the interested departments can add a host of their own customizations to make it more potent. According to UP.FIT if there is a keen interest in the vehicle, they can also modify it for military, tactical, and search-and-rescue operations by adding things like prisoner partitions, K9 enclosure and weapons storage compartments. We hope the police skin is a multilayer paint coating on the surface and not just a decal. But the question is whether the Cybertruck will be a reliable chaser in real-life conditions given its rusting issues and stability hiccups. Since we are talking about bystander safety, any driving misjudgments could lead to collateral damage. Will police authorities around the world choose the Cybertruck over a Lexus LC500, Ford Interceptor, Jeep Grand Cherokee or BMW i3? Only time will tell. For now, we’ll enjoy the larger-than-life persona of the Tesla’s MUV.

World’s first Cybertruck patrol vehicle is a cool RoboCop Taurus successor in the making