World’s First Laser Engraver with Midjourney support lets you create and engrave AI artwork

We’re witnessing an age of creative explosion. Whether it’s the accessibility of fabrication tools like 3D printers and laser engravers over the past decade, or the rather recent barrage of AI-based tools that allow anyone to be an artist, never has the time been MORE perfect for the independent creator. For just a few hundred dollars, creators can get their hands on consumer-ready high-end prototyping tools, allowing them to build their creations whether they’re hobbyists, small businesses, or artisans. I’d like to think that 3D printers have gotten their time in the sun, but laser engravers still deserve their moment to shine (pun intended). Arguably more easy to use than 3D printers and CNC machines (since you don’t need to deal with CAD software), laser engravers allow creators to build and customize products like no other tool. You can cut through materials like paper, veneer, vinyl, cardboard, and even thin plastic sheets… but more importantly, a good laser engraver also lets you etch onto a vast variety of materials, like metal, wood, glass, and even ceramics.

Enter the LumiTool F20, a compact powerhouse that embodies this new era of creation. Designed to be a tabletop engraver that can also double as a handheld tool, the LumiTool F20 relies on a powerful industrial-grade 20W laser to effectively etch/carve through materials 10x faster than most standard laser engravers. Created for the home user in mind, the LumiTool is powerful but also intuitive, with a user-friendly experience that prioritizes safety while also offering the ability to work on a variety of materials and even surfaces (horizontal, vertical, and even tilted). When paired with the AI features built into LumiTool’s app, it forms an unstoppable combination, offering precision and speed that’s accessible to all.

Designer: Simon Lin

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The LumiTool F20 looks fairly different from any other laser engraver on the market, and a lot of that boils down to what it’s designed for. It comes with a vertical form factor, allowing you to place objects on its bed below and have the laser hover above, etching designs onto it… however, a handle on the LumiTool F20 also allows you to lift it and point it at other surfaces like door nameplates, mirrors, or larger immovable objects. The laser sits on a hinge too, allowing you to tilt it to engrave on tilted surfaces (to avoid warping and parallax during the job).

The heart of the LumiTool F20’s superiority lies in its fiber laser source, a feature that sets it apart from diode, CO2, and infrared lasers. The fiber laser delivers exceptional results on as many as 100+ materials, ranging from the run-of-the-mill wood, paper and plastic to even metals, glass, and ceramic. The sheer power output of the 20W laser allows it to engrave up to 1.5mm in metal, and a staggering 3mm in stone, giving you the ability to deeply carve into surfaces for high-contrast design work. It can cut into sheet materials too, helping make paper cutouts, acrylic profiles, and even sheet-metal stamps with the simple press of a button.

Equipped with LaserDrive Beam Control technology, the LumiTool F20 boasts engraving speeds up to 7000mm/s. That’s 10 times faster than typical hobbyist engravers, ensuring that your ideas don’t just stay ideas for long. Combine this with a high resolution of 8K (sharper engravings without jagged edges) and a fine granularity of 0.001mm, and you have a tool that captures every detail, ensuring crisp, clear, and precise designs every time. In fact, the F20 possesses the unique ability to engrave in color too, relying on laser wavelengths to bring out colors in metals while running a job.

With a remarkable 8K resolution and a fine granularity of 0.001mm, it achieves a striking level of engraving accuracy.

The LumiTool F20 boasts a work area of up to 150mm x 150mm (6 x 6 inches), and has a height-adjustable head that lets you move the laser module up or down, depending on how big or small the product you want to engrave on is. The laser engraver’s user interface is fairly simple to navigate, making it perfect for first-timers or even seasoned engravers. A dual-light positioning system lets you set the engraver’s focus in mere seconds, and single button lets you start or emergency-stop a job. The engraver comes with a removable tinted shield to protect your hands and eyes from the laser’s sparks, along with a pair of safety goggles to enhance protection.

The F20 pairs with a rather intuitive (and innovative) smartphone app that allows you to upload, adjust, and engrave designs. Sure, you can share jobs via a laptop/desktop too, and the folks at LumiTool are working on Lightburn integration too, but the app really helps break beyond the barrier of wires and complicated software. You can share DXF files for precise pathways for cutting jobs, or directly upload images if you want to engrave/etch something like a wooden frame, a mug, hip-flask, name-plate, or any other object. The app lets you share images directly from your mobile, but it also boasts Midjourney integration, letting you create AI-generated images right within the app itself. These novel AI images can then directly be etched onto objects in mere minutes, taking an otherwise week-long workflow and condensing it down to a 5-minute job.

The LumiTool F20 comes as a standalone device, but you can upgrade your kit with accessories like the safety shield as well as modules like a rotary attachment that lets the device etch on curved surfaces, a chuck rotary for more precise curved jobs like engraving on rings, and a slide extension for working on larger canvasses. The regular lens gives the F20 a 110mm x 110mm work surface, but a field lens upgrade unlocks the F20’s 150mm x 150mm potential. The LumiTool F20 starts at $1599 (that’s as affordable as you’ll ever get for industrial-grade engraving equipment), although the bundle with all the accessories will cost you $2299. The app remains free to use, barring the AI features which cost $99 a year. However, early bird backers get the first year free.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1599 $2599 ($1000 off). Hurry, only 46/50 left! Raised over $284,000.