Xiaomi Embraces Shargeek’s Transparent Cyberpunk Aesthetic With New 25,000mAh Power Bank

Transparency is quite literally all the rage, with brands like Sharge (previously known as Shargeek), Nothing, and even Beats by Dre adopting the style. Xiaomi seems to be boarding the same train too, with leaked images showing that the company is working on a massive 25,000mAh power bank powerful enough to charge your phone nearly 5 times from 0 to 100, or even charge your laptop twice. This new futuristic design features a transparent front panel, offering a glimpse of the internal charging circuitry. In fact, a lesser-known Xiaomi subsidiary by the name of CUKTECH has been selling similar transparent-themed power banks. Now under the Xiaomi brand label, this upcoming power bank (which was leaked on Chinese social media site Weibo by user @体验more) will likely see a more mainstream audience, going head to head with brands like Sharge, while also boasting fast charging capabilities.

Designer: Xiaomi

Both Xiaomi’s upcoming power bank and CUKTECH’s own 25,000mAh power bank share many similarities. They both offer a 25,000mAh capacity, a trio of USB ports (two USB-C and one USB-A), and a handy color display on the front panel. However, Xiaomi pulls ahead with a maximum fast-charging output of 212W, surpassing the CUKTECH one’s 210W limit.

Delving deeper into the specs, the leaked information reveals that the first USB-C port outputs a maximum of 140W, while the second offers 45W. The USB-A port isn’t left behind either, providing up to 120W of quick charging. With this versatility, the power bank can breathe life into a wide range of devices, including even a demanding laptop like the MacBook Pro 16.

Another noteworthy detail is the 90.08 Wh rating mentioned in the leaked pictures. This ensures the power bank complies with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for safe air travel, which possibly means this won’t be just a China-specific release.

While there’s no official word on pricing or availability yet, the CUKTECH 20 power bank offers a possible reference point. Priced at $129.99 and available internationally, we can expect Xiaomi’s offering to be priced similarly and likely launch globally as well.