YASHICA’s 4K Night-Vision Binoculars give you AI-powered super-sight for less than a pair of AirPods

Your $1000 smartphone may not be able to handle low-light selfies, but this affordable pair of binoculars give you military-grade night-vision even in pitch darkness. Meet the YASHICA Vision (yes, the same YASHICA that manufactures cameras), a state-of-the-art 4K binocular device that’s designed for campers, night photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, security personnel, and even for surveillance. The night-vision camera can see what your eyes can’t, capturing in full color or even in IR in vivid detail. The camera leverages AI-powered image enhancement to give you literal superpowers, while letting you capture images and videos in high resolution locally. Pretty impressive for a device that costs less than a pair of AirPods…

Designer: YASHICA

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Catch every detail in 4K UHD

With 75 years of experience in the optics field, YASHICA’s built itself a rather indelible reputation for cameras… but the night-vision binocular is a uniquely different application of the company’s technologies. Built for explorers, adventurers, and the occasional reconnaissance or search and rescue mission, the YASHICA Vision lets you see up to distances of nearly 2000 feet (600 meters to be precise) in defyingly dark environments. The binoculars rely on AI-powered image signal processing to let you see in vivid color, outshining most night-vision goggles that coat everything in monochrome green. Switch to the IR mode and you can even see in absolute darkness, with the ability to toggle between 3 modes.

YASHICA Vision reveals a radiant spectrum of colors, even under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art CMOS sensor and a 0.0037lux sensitivity that lets you see even in pitch darkness, the binoculars promise an unrivaled clarity that brings the night to life in vibrant color. The F/1 wide lens aperture ensures that even the faintest light is captured and transformed into a crisp, 4K visual feast, while an 850NM IR illuminator relies on wavelengths that humans can’t even perceive, quite literally giving you superhuman vision. This enables both wildlife enthusiasts and urban adventurers to safely and intimately engage with environments that were once off-limits after dusk.

Clarity in complete darkness.

The YASHICA Vision further redefines night-time exploration with its remarkable aperture size of F/1. This feature is crucial as it allows for a higher light intake, especially under low-light conditions.

Images get transmitted to the YASHICA Vision’s digital viewfinder, while the binoculars themselves capture in detailed 4K. 3x fixed optical zoom and 5x digital zoom let you hone in on your subject even if you’re more than half a kilometer away (0.3 miles), and an SD card slot lets you locally record images and videos (with support up to 512GB) directly from the binoculars. A sizeable 5000mAh battery means that your exploration can go on for as long as your curiosity does. The battery outputs an impressive 16 hours of usage without the IR enabled.

Given the very outdoor nature of the YASHICA Vision, it’s built with the robust reliability that you’d expect from tactical outdoor gear. The binoculars are IP65 water and dust-resistant, which means you can use them in a rainforest or a desert without worrying about your binoculars the way you would about an expensive camera. The lenses also come with 7-layer coatings that repel everything from UV rays to reflections, glare, dust, scratches, or even fingerprints. To help you navigate the outdoors and stay safe, the binoculars have a built-in compass that lets you stay oriented at all times, and a tactical light for emergency or SOS scenarios.

The YASHICA Vision weighs a mere 746 grams (26.3 ounces) and comes with its own soft-shell carrying case that includes a USB-C charging cable, a lens cleaning cloth, and an extra compass as an accessory. The YASHICA Vision also comes with a default 2-year warranty for campaign backers, along with a free 5-year battery replacement guarantee. It’s perfect for hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, night photography, camping, first-response, and surveillance/security… although for its $149 price tag, I’d probably buy it because 15-year-old me would have loved to own military-grade night-vision tech!

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $252 (40% off). Hurry, only 22/140 left! Raised over $1 million!