YouTuber Turns Tesla’s Cybertruck Into A Full-Blown Snowmobile With Tracks Instead Of Wheels

We’ve seen the Cybertruck handle off-road tasks with the ease of a machete cutting through soft butter… Whether it’s asphalt, gravel, sand-dunes, or even a shallow riverbed, it seems like Cybertruck drivers have managed to push the electric pickup truck to its limits to have it conquer those surfaces, but what about snow? YouTuber Heavy D Sparks decided to test the truck’s off-road abilities by having it run on one of the trickiest surfaces for any vehicle, snow-capped hills. Except, he wasn’t planning on just taking the Cybertruck as is, no… Heavy D Sparks decided to build the world’s first (and only) Cybertrack – a truck/snowmobile hybrid with treads instead of wheels. Borrowing a Cybertruck from fellow YouTuber Supercar Ron, Heavy D Sparks (also known as Heavy Diesel) decided to give the truck its biggest hardware upgrade ever.

Designer: Heavy D Sparks

The aim was to outfit the Cybertruck with “hell tracks,” a modification promising unparalleled off-road prowess. This endeavor was not without its hurdles, though; given the Cybertruck’s sheer weight and output, multiple parts and brackets ended up needing reinforcements because of how heavy the truck was. Parts would break, fold like cardboard, or even completely disengage, causing the truck to lose control or stop working entirely.

The truck was sourced from Supercar Ron, who happened to have an early Founder’s Edition of the Cybertruck, and very graciously gifted it to the Diesel Brothers team to modify however they saw fit. The journey of modification was a meticulous process involving the creation of custom parts such as bumpers and the addition of extra batteries in the back to support the massive lights installed on the top and the front courtesy Baja Designs. Finally, the truck got a custom wrap featuring a unique camouflage pattern that mimicked the Cybertruck’s angular design.

Testing the modified vehicle revealed a stark duality of success and challenge. On one hand, the Cybertruck demonstrated enhanced stability and performance, a direct result of the thoughtful modifications. On the other, the project was met with significant mechanical setbacks, including a broken spindle—a clear indicator of the factory parts’ limitations under rigorous testing conditions.

However, when the Cybertrack DID work on snow, Heavy D (who was piloting the vehicle) pointed out that the truck was handling the snow incredibly smoothly. “It feels so stable,” he mentioned. “I would feel totally comfortable loading this thing full of skiers and going to the top of any ski resort around, like the steepest runs.” The truck could comfortably cruise around at 40 to 50mph on snow, although there’s a fair discrepancy between what the speedometer says versus your actual ground speed. The speedometer outputs nearly double of what your actual ground speed is (because of how the treads rotate and how that translates to actual ground movement). It held its own on steep inclines too, but there was a bit of a malfunction right towards the end of the video.

Unexpectedly, the project received an encouraging nod from Tesla, an acknowledgment that perhaps was not anticipated. This support not only underscored Tesla’s openness to seeing its vehicles pushed to new boundaries but also cemented a deeper appreciation for the brand and its leadership, marking a positive shift in perception among the project team.

There’s a Part 2 video coming soon, with probably more repairs and modifications to the Cybertrack. You can follow Heavy D Sparks on YouTube for more.